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Google Adwords

We'll set everything up for you, and then manage your campaign to make sure you get the absolute maximum from your budget.

Thisworks are an approved google-partner


Thisworks will set up and manage your Google Adwords PPC campaign. From initial set up, through to daily management. For this service we charge a flat monthly management fee, the amount based upon the size & scope of your PPC campaign.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a type of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a cost each time one of their Ads is clicked

Effectively, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than working to “earn” those visits via organic SEO.
Google AdWords advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. Google allows advertisers to bid for Ad placement in a their search engine’s listings when someone searches for a keyword that is related to their business proposition


( We are also happy to set everything up for you, and you can manage the campaign yourself )


7 Good Reasons Why You Should Hire Thisworks as your PPC Management Specialist.

1. Correct Keyword Research


Keyword research is essential to PPC success, and it’s something that requires careful planning and research in the initial PPC process. Using the wrong keywords can easily consume your budget and your PPC campaign can have very modest returns.

Knowing how to identify a good base of keywords is one of the most important elements for a productive PPC campaign. Most clients will know their most obvious keywords, but knowing how to develop variations and synonyms is where the real skill lies.


2. Failure to write concise Ad Copy will  result in low Click through rates


One of the major constraints inherent to PPC advertising is you are working with a limited and precise amount of real estate. Google Adwords prescribes limits to the number of characters you can use on each line, including your all-important heading. Lierally every word, every character has to be thoughtfully crafted. Your Ad needs to stand out, have a clear and concise sales message and motivate browsers to click. It also needs to try and ensure you get the RIGHT sort of click, ie, from a prospect ready to buy your product or service. Your Ad has to focus in on the targeted browser we want to click, not a half-hearted click which will cost you money but merely produce a ‘back’ click from the browser and an addition to your ‘bounce rate’

PPC is all about conversion rates. You can easily have two businesses advertising on Google Adwords, both in the same industry, striving to attract the same customers. One spends £1,000 per month and has well-crafted Ads, uses good keyword strategies, and gets average CTR’s (click through rates) of 5 – 7%

The other business spends £2,000 per month but have poorly crafted Ads and Keyword research and get average CTR’s of 1 – 2.5%. Despite investing a budget double the amount of their competitor, they get less than half the ROI (return on investment)


3. On Going Management of bids


PPC bid management is one of the more complex areas of PPC marketing. As a result many advertisers take the easy option and opt for the automated bidding option provided within Google AdWords. This isn’t the worst thing in the world but having full control yourself is generally a more beneficial method, and will produce better returns.

However, managing bids is a time consuming process, and also requires skilled knowledge of when and how much to increase or decrease bids. Plus evaluating the results of any changes, test and refine. Rinse and repeat…


4. Is Google AdWords actually too complicated for small & medium sized businesses?


Its common knowledge that Google make most of their revenue from AdWords. And anyone who uses AdWords knows that it’s a seriously complex system.

However, it has there are an astonishing number of options, settings, refinements, filters and integrations to choose from.

Google knows how complex their platform is, and kindly provides ‘default’ settings for most things. But here’s the rub – Almost every single default is set in Google’s favour and not yours. If you set your new campaign to default it results in it being displayed on all devices (including smart Phones), on all networks (search and display) and with bids automatically set so your budget (unless its huge) expires fairly easily and you quickly see the dreaded ‘limited by budget’ message in red text next to your Ads!

Even companies who specialize in PPC management acknowledge the complexity of the Google Adwords platform. Imagine how daunting it can be for non-qualified business owners to run? Without expert advice it’s all too easy to run off your budget inefficiently.


5. Your Website Landing Pages Have To be up to scratch.


Google doesn’t just know how much you are bidding for a certain keyword, and place your Ads position accordingly. It also looks at what page you are clicking visitors through to.

If it doesn’t think your page is sufficiently  ‘relevant’ or on topic it will demote your Ads position. Yes, you may be bidding more than your main competitor, but his Ad will be placed higher than yours because Google deems his page of a higher quality. Hence what Google refers to as a ‘quality score’

Therefore, your PPC campaign cannot be viewed in isolation. Your website landing pages have to be well crafted, with good quality, on topic content.

We will help you achieve this..


6. Keeping Up To Date With Googles Updates & Changes


Good PPC management includes keeping up to date with the latest developments by reading online articles, journals, and/or forums, plus of course keeping abreast of any changes Google announces. If you believe you can do all this, and run your own business at the same time, we hold our hands up to you.


7. Do You Really Have the Time?


Most business owners usually have 101 things on a list of tasks to do and routinely never get past #31 on that list.

Do you really have the time, inclination and dedication to manage your own PPC account and give it the close attention it requires?

A lot of webmasters and business owners approach PPC with the attitude that it’s less complicated, or somehow easier than organic SEO. The reality is totally different. PPC can be a very expensive exercise if you get it wrong.

Thisworks PPC management includes the following elements…

Agree with the client a PPC search campaign strategy & budget

Keyword research and selection.

Ad creation & variations.

Campaign set-up.

Bid management and ROI tracking.

Landing page optimization and development.

Monitoring and continuous improvement of your Organic SEO.

Ongoing Campaign management and analysis.0px;”></i> Ongoing Campaign management and analysis.

SEO describes the process of achieving higher organic rankings for a website, usually by targeting specific key words or key phrases. SEO does not require any payment to Google or any other search engine.


Organic rankings are the listings of website pages that a search engine returns for a specific keyword or phrase and prioritizes those pages according to what it thinks the searcher will most want to be shown. That’s the fundamental objective of any search engine – to return the most relevant web pages and information. In order for it to do that, every search engine has its own algorithm (like a recipe, or formula) to rank websites. These algorithms are extremely complex and are continuously updated. They’re also a closely guarded secret – Google is ultra-secretive about its own algorithms, mainly to prevent smart webmasters from reverse engineering websites to manipulate the algorithm to their own benefit.


SEO firms can agree approximately what factors these algorithms give weight to through trial and error, experience, live testing and by pay attention to the guidelines the search engines do publish.

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is very important because it is the process of rendering your website more visible and ‘relevant’ to Google and all the other major search engines.


It is a process designed to make your website stand out from the crowd. Good (and ethical) SEO gives your website its very best chance to be identified as being more important than. And therefore ranked/listed higher by search engines (such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) than your competitors’ websites.


Higher ranked websites obviously appear in searches first, and it is no surprise they also get the lion’s share of the clicks, visitors and ensuing enquiries.

Bad SEO practices can permanently destroy your Google Rankings


What is considered bad SEO? (often referred to as ‘black hat’ SEO)


Bad SEO tactics that are unethical, outdated or are contravene the boundaries of Google webmaster guidelines are considered as bad. This type of SEO is often associated with ‘quick fix’ short term solutions that try to what is called ‘game’ or ‘spam’ the search engine by manipulating its algorithm.


SEO companies who employ these methods rarely retain their customers for long, because any short term gains are often followed by a hefty penalty imposed by Google when it realises the underhand tactics being employed. These ‘penalties’ can be extremely hard to get rescinded, if at all. The client ends up with a virtually invisible website, totally useless for the purpose of attracting new customers to their business.


There is an old adage… ‘marry in haste, repent at leisure’. Getting involved with SEO companies who practice bad SEO is the same.


So, how do you know who to avoid and who is a genuine SEO company?

A give away is usually found in the extravagant or seemingly over optimistic promises made. At Thisworks for example, we make a point of explaining to all new SEO clients that we can NEVER guarantee any page 1 ranking for ANY keyword. Any SEO company who say they can are almost certainly either outright lying, or at best severely over estimating their capabilities. Good SEO is a process, following correct guidelines, and meticulous attention to detail.


Do your homework and due diligence, just like you would if you were purchasing anything remotely valuable. Ask the SEO company to show you examples of their SEO work, and ask if you might be able to speak directly to some of their SEO clients to obtain a verbal reference.


Thisworks have been in business since 2003, and we have a proven track record in ethical SEO. Many of our clients have been employing us for several years to undertake their SEO work. If you employ us, you can be sure you will be attaining experience, know-how and integrity.

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