Greece and the Euro | Something wicked this way comes

If any sane, even remotely solvent business in the UK, tried to run its finances in the way the Euro Zone has behaved in its (non) handling of the economic crisis, it would be

1. most certainly bust

2. possibly criminalised and imprisoned

A blind man on a flying horse can see that Greece does not possess the proverbial pot to pee in…..and that it is bankrupt in everything but name.

It now stands in the road begging again, with its pockets turned out, beseeching its north european partners to get it out of the mess that they got it into in the first place.

Already handed over 100 billion. Now. Not millions, Billions. Lets write that down, so it looks more like real money.


now….get your head around this….it’s all GONE…in a matter of months.

How? you might ask…how can a small country like Greece use so much dosh in a mere few months?

Have they invested it wisely to kick start their industrial output?  used it to finance large scale funding for construction projects to help its ailing manufacturing base?


Its been used to keep the ATM’s working, and Civil Service workers paid. Thats how bare to the knuckle it is.

I ask myself a question; what do the Eurocrats who thought this was a good idea know that we dont…

Because I actually refuse to believe they are really THAT dumb.

The consequence of a Greek default must surely harbour something so terrible….so unthinkable…that anything is preferable. And giving an alchoholic the keys to the brewery probably does qualify as ‘anything’

Something wicked this way comes.