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Is Social Media Right For My Business?

Lets face it, social media is sexy. But that doesn't mean it is right for every small business. You need to think long and hard before setting off into the social media labyrinth.
Understanding social media for SME’s…

Incontrovertible truths about social media that you should know about…

There is some basics about social media which are undeniable.


Facebook is more or less all about friends connecting with friends. Twitter is about distributing snippets of your opinions or musings with others. LinkedIn is about linking with similar minded or professionally qualified people and expanding your career network. What is singular about all of those? None of them are created around companies. The essential Raison d’etre of all of these social media platforms is they are about people connecting with people, not businesses.


Its hardly surprising then, to find that thousands of SME’s in the UK have no real social media integration or strategy. Many have tried, and  failed miserably, to leverage any upside to their bottom line using social media.


For a small or medium sized business to genuinely succeed using social media takes serious investment in terms of time, creativity, dedication and persistence. Unfortunately, for many SME’s, that formula is just too strident to achieve, and they give up.


Our clients ask us all the time about social media. We believe we have a real duty to lay bare to them all the above caveats. Better that, than another eventual disjointed failure.


That is why social media management companies have sprung up in the last decade like grass at a desert oasis. There is serious money to be made.


Thisworks can help you all your social media needs, from creating Facebook, twitter or Pinterest pages, right through to weekly management and content creation. But we will explain the realities to you first.


We evaluate the pros and cons of social media for small & medium sized businesses.


Social media for SME’s – an overview.

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