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Print Media / Direct mail

Newspaper advert design, magazine, direct mail & catalogues.

Thisworks are experts in designing winning newspaper, magazine and direct mail advertising.

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Newspaper advertisements, magazine adverts & other types of direct mail can produce impressive results. However, these ads can also be the most difficult to get right. Newspaper & Magazine adverts often compete with editorial space. The ‘lifespan’ of your ad can be very short; everybody understands the notion of ‘yesterdays papers’


The key elements of successful print media design..

  • Your newspaper or print advert has to stimulate interest and a desire to act, & quickly!
  • Highly creative & impactful headlines are a must
  • Your product offering & sales message have to be clear & concise
  • You must create a strong desire for the user to contact you
  • Create the impression that you are easy to contact, & easy to deal with
  • Highlight or list your key selling proposition and establish your professional or technical credentials
  • Do all the above within a design that is perfectly balanced, from the headline down to the footer, and maintain a logical flow for the reader to follow.


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