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SEO Warrington

It makes real sense to engage an SEO company who is local, based in Warrington, and has a proven track record of success with local clients. We are fully conversant with Organic SEO | Local SEO | Google My Business | PPC (pay per click)

SEO Warrington

Let’s get one thing out in the open straight away…We cannot, and will not, guarantee to get your website on page one of Google for ANY keyword.

Yes, that’s right. We cannot give you any guarantees. And any SEO company who tells you anything different should be regarded with extreme caution. Because they can’t either.

Google has now evolved so much in terms of its sophistication that the old days of spamming SEO tactics simply won’t cut it anymore. In fact that will likely get your website penalized by Google and relegate your site to relative obscurity.

What sensible business wants that?


Getting your website to rank on the first page of Google search (SERPS – Search Engine Results Page) is NOT related to how big your company is or (necessarily) how much money you spend on website promotion. Rather It’s a direct consequence of how smart, thorough, ethical and long-term your SEO approach is.

The problem we believe, and we have been successful in this industry for 14 years, is that business owners have no idea how to identify, how to sort through, the dozens of SEO companies offering their services. This isn’t like a normal business decision, for instance like buying a new company van or a piece of equipment. In those cases, there would be product catalogues, price lists and other tangible assets available for the business owner to make a considered buying decision.


With SEO, its almost a black art. Simply because the person buying isn’t familiar with the product they are buying, and there are no price lists or catalogues to help educate and elucidate the buying decision. That’s why so many businesses ‘get their fingers burned’ and end up hopping from one SEO company to another, 3 months here, 6 months there. Frustration and precious little in terms of useful end product often the result. A reputable website design company, Thisworks provide our web design & SEO services for clients in Warrington, Cheshire, the North West and nationwide throughout the UK.

Thisworks have been providing high-quality SEO services to local Warrington businesses since 2002.

So, what should you do? Simple: Ask for evidence…

It never ceases to amaze us that business owners don’t do the obvious thing and ask the SEO company to show them evidence they know what they are doing, and to show them real life examples of clients websites they are undertaking SEO for.


If the SEO company is a good, reputable one, they will be happy to show you current clients websites, and explain what optimization has been done, and what the results are, which of course you can corroborate yourself by checking the SERPS, and perhaps also by getting in touch with the company themselves and asking them for their opinion of the SEO work undertaken.


Here at Thisworks, that’s exactly we do. We encourage potential new clients to study work we have done/currently doing for other clients. Get in touch with our clients…we’re more than happy for you to do that.


( You might want to start off by reading some of our SEO case studies )

local SEO search, Warrington, Cheshire

Local SEO for Warrington?


Appearing locally in the search engines is a significant factor to increasing traffic and your brand awareness.


If you are a Warrington business and you are looking for help with your website’s SEO, why not get in touch? We are happy to have a completely no obligation initial informal chat with you. This can be either over the phone or we can arrange a meeting at your office or ours.


We host, manage and do the SEO for many local Warrington businesses, of all sizes. We will show you what we have done for those companies, and we can discuss various options and ways in which we might be able to significantly improve the visibility and profitability of your website. Whether you are a truly ‘local’ business and only wish to attract customers from a relatively small area, or your business wishes to be found by potential customers further afield, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you.


Have you often seen the 3 listings appended with a Map, near the top of the page when you perform a search, and wonder what they are, or how to get yourself listed here? Maybe you have tried yourself but didn’t have much joy?  (insert google+ listing image) This is called Google My Business’ (previously called Google Places/Maps/Local/Plus) and is completely separate from the organic listings. It has its own ‘algorithm’ (ranking factors) and needs a different approach than organic SEO. We can show you how to maximise your listing and raise its profile.

If you want to find out how we may be able to boost your website’s SEO, contact us for an initial informal chat, a free evaluation and no obligation quotation | Call us on 01925 498858 today…

Affordable web design prices for Small and Medium sized Businesses.

Payment can be spread over 10 months, interest free!

Web Design and Development also includes website re-design and website

No jargon. Proven advice on how to market your website to maximise visitor numbers.

Don’t take our word for it…we encourage you to speak to our existing clients.

One-on-One service. We take a personal pride in your website’s appearance and performance.

We offer you a complete online solution. Website design, Hosting, E-mail, Updates, Maintenance and Marketing.

SEO Warrington – Proven track record. We have a large client base with live website on page1 of Google for competitive keywords. We can show you what we have achieved for other clients. We can do the same for you!

We are members of the The UK Web Design Association

Start Up
Professional 3 page website aimed at businesses and individuals looking to establish and initial or foundation web presence. £495

Business – brochure
Our most popular website. Typically around 7 pages, with tailor made pages to showcase your products and services and have online forms. From £995

Business – development
Everything in the ‘Business – brochure’ website, but designed for businesses requiring a more substantial website in terms of overall size and sophistication. From £1990

Need to sell your products or services online? As simple or complex as you require, with a full admin that allows you to manage everything from top to bottom! please contact us for a quote

Website re-design, makeover
Already have a website? Disappointed with its performance or how it portrays your business? We are experts at revitalising old and tired websites.
More information about our website re-design & website makeovers
please contact us for a quote

Thisworks offer a range of affordable professional website promotion services to UK businesses both large & small. We have several website SEO optimization packages depending upon your individual needs and your budget.


For clients on a very restricted budget, we offer a One Time SEO

For clients looking for a more long term approach, to build a sustainable and viable ranking position, we provide a Fully Managed, Bespoke SEO service

If you are a new small business, our start-up website design and print design services for small business will be the ideal option to get your company up and running in the most cost effective way. Low cost web design for small & medium sized business. Thisworks offer specialist free advertising & marketing advice and design for business start-ups.


Find out more here New business Start Up Packages

Contact us for an initial informal chat, more information & advice, or a free evaluation and no obligation quotation | Call us on 01925 498858 or email us…