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With millions of users, all potential customers, Twitter should not be ignored. We’ll help your business to get started, and teach you the basics of how to effectively use Twitter for SME’s - from hashtags to re-tweets!

Twitter is not solely reserved for teenagers or celebrities tweeting about their daily goings-on…

Twitter is now established as an essential channel for communication. It has an immediacy almost unparalleled in comparison to most other marketing mediums.


Nevertheless, this social networking site is not solely reserved for teenagers or celebrities tweeting about their daily goings-on. The influence of Twitter as a marketing tool has been recognized by many small business owners, who are benefiting  from it to help their businesses prosper. Considering that it costs relatively little to promote a product or service on Twitter, small and medium sized businesses should unquestionably use this tool for boosting their internet marketing.


Thisworks will do everything for you, from creating your Twitter account (if required) from scratch, right through to branding your new Twitter page so it is consistent with your website and other corporate image of your business.


We’ll then put some initial tweets out there to get you going, and explain how you can log in and start tweeting yourself. We will give you guidance and advice as to the best ways to promote your twitter profile, how to engage your customers and prospects, and what not to do!


You have the choice to run Twitter yourself, or get us involved to manage it with you, or completely delegate the running and management to us.

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