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Vehicle Livery Design

Vehicle, Van Livery Design | Eye catching vehicle livery design is a hugely cost effective way for a small or medium sized business to establish & promote their name, products and services.

On any given day, up to 3,000 people may see your vehicle livery design as you go about your business!

When you’re parked at a job…on a car park…at traffic lights, make your vehicle your best form of advertising.


From single vehicles to company fleets, Thisworks have the livery design expertise to make your vehicle stand out. We can apply large scale vinyl, partial and full vehicle wraps, along with simple lettering and signage. We have a graphic design pedigree, so your van will be tastefully and skillfully designed, and we only use high quality materials. Van livery design should be imaginative and superior to your competition.



We design Vehicle & Van graphics for businesses throughout the UK, London, Warrington, North West, Cheshire, Manchester, UK. Stunning graphics on your Van will ensure your brand name is truly noticed! Forward thinking companies see creative vehicle livery as cost effective advertising. From single lettering to complete personalisation, we will design your vehicle livery to the highest possible standards. Thisworks will design your vehicle livery using a full scale template of the exact vehicle/year/model. We design the livery to suit the contours of your vehicle, and the graphics we employ are super high resolution so they will look cystal clear on your vehicle when reproduced. We can incorporate your existing LOGO into the design, or perhaps you may want a new logo designing.



How the van livery design process works, and the different types of livery available…


There are basically 3 types of vehicle livery.

  1. Full vehicle wrap. The most expensive option. Design covers and swamps the whole vehicle. Big job, and time consuming. Needs to be fitted by an expert with experience in this skill.
  2. Partial wrap. Design may go around corners and edges but isn’t a full blown wrap as some of the original paint work will still be showing.
  3. Large scale vinyl. High quality vinyl is applied to the vehicle. The design can be large scale so it creates an eye catching effect, but the design is kept away from the extreme edges of the vehicle so no messy work is required to get the design to fit.


We work closely with you, to ensure your van or vehicle livery design is created just how you want.


We can incorporate your logo or any images you have, plus any trade or qualification logos. We also have access to a huge stock of licensed images which we can use to enhance the graphics on your vehicle design. We can also advise you which might the best vehicle graphics to use.

Vehicle Livery Design

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