Why choose to bang your head against the wall..

Why choose to bang your head against the wall with your website promotion, SEO?

We get many enquiries from businesses who approach us asking if we can get their website to perform better on Google’s natural listings.

However, so often when we analyse their website, its architecture, content and navigation, it becomes apparent that from a website promotion, SEO perspective, the site has been almost dead from birth due to the fact they are trying to compete in niches where the key phrases they are targeting are just too competitive.

Yes, you can spend countless hours dogging your successful competition; trying to mimic their link strategy; paraphrasing their keyword density, weight & frequency.

Trust me…don’t bother. Instead, spend some time researching slightly longer keyword tail phrases and get yourself established there. You may well be amazed at the results.

Oh..it’s also a lot less painful.