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Business Cards

Thisworks design great looking business cards that reflect & enhance your business identity. We create full colour business cards that will grab your clients with sharp, eye catching colours.

We’ll make you look good…

A business card should be an integral part of any good marketing plan. For its relative size and cost, it’s probably the most influential part.

Your business card can be a trigger to new connections and new opportunities. A good business card should make a lasting impression — conversely a poorly designed  business card will be counterproductive and can stop your networking efforts in their tracks.


Keep it simple

Less is often more when it comes to business card design.  Many designers have fell into the trap of packing as much information as possible into their design, filling every square centimetre with logos, images, colours and text. The most successful business cards tend towards clean, open lines, with just enough text to get the salient point across. An uncluttered, visually sophisticated design has superior impact and will make your card more memorable. It also creates a far more professional image.


You should think of your business card as integral to your branding, and an investment in your company.


If you are looking for help to get your business a stylish, professional image, get in touch. We’ll be glad to have an informal, no obligation chat about your requirements.

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