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According to a recent study, 56% of companies who have a blog reported they have gained customers from their blog. The same study revealed that 82% of businesses say that their business blog is beneficial for their business.

There are important benefits for small and medium sized businesses of having a blog for your business…

  1. It will drive traffic to your website.
  2. It boosts your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. Google loves to see websites regularly add fresh and relevant content. Blog posts are a very easy way to do this. And it works. We know because we have clients who do it, and we can show you their blog post pages high in the SERPS for good keywords, relevant to their business.
  3. It helps to establish credibility for your business. Writing good quality posts about your industry or specialism is a great way to convince browsers of your expertise, and in turn make them more inclined to get in touch with you.
  4. You can use the blog to post content about behind the scenes news or events at your business. It all adds up, and shows your potential customers you are ‘real’ and approachable. These are important factors in why people choose to deal with any business. Don’t overlook this in today’s increasingly sterile and technophobe economy – people still buy people…
  5. You can promote offers, promotions, new products etc.


We’ll let you into a secret…

We believe, based on our 14 years’ experience dealing with businesses of all sizes, that publishing good content on a blog will outperform (in terms of click throughs to your website) all the other social media platforms put together. How do we know? We see the evidence on Google Analytics for our clients websites. And that evidence has been consistent for years. Referral traffic via blog post pages outscores Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other ‘more sexy’ social media platforms.


Do your business a huge favour. Get Blogging.


Its not difficult to do, takes minimal time and effort, and is free to do.


If you want to set up and create a blog for your business, we are here to help. We’ll talk to you about your individual circumstances, advise about how to select and publish content, and how to organize a structure so regular content gets published.

Contact us for an initial informal chat, more information & advice, or a free evaluation and no obligation quotation | Call us on 01925 498858 or email us…