Free seminar on Search Engine Optimization

Chris Stephens will be presenting a seminar on Search Engine Optimization for small and medium sized business websites

This will take place some time in May or June.

It will be hosted by the Business Breakfast Group in Warrington, and probably held at the Warrington Gold Club.

(I will post details once I have the dates and venue confirmed properly)

This is a great opportunity to learn more about why your website does, or does not, perfom well on Google’s organic rankings. I will be using live examples, via a live hook up to the internet.

Topics covered will include..

Creating correct Titles & Descriptions for EACH page, how to pay close attention to keyword inclusion & total characters. Ensuring sufficient Body text word count, minimum 300 Words, but preferably 450-500
Appropriate use of headings tags, H1/H2/H3 etc
Correct use of navigational Link Text (Anchor Text)
Proper choice and use of Domain Names, File and Folder Names
Increasing page relevancy using semantic text & phrase relationships
Keyword Repetition, Proximity, Prominence
Alt tag attributes in Images and Links
Page Size and Code to Text Ratio
Search Engine Friendly Navigation
How to maximise total number of pages indexed by Google
Encouraging website freshness & frequency of updates
Why you need to monitor your website’s number of outgoing Links
How to begin a back linking strategy and undertake a natural link growth plan.
Directory submissions, Article submission, Social bookmarking. eg Twitter, Facebook, Digg.