Promotional Postcard for Satellite TV company

We just completed this small job for a Manchester based satellite and TV aerial company.

They want 10,000 quantity, on a good quality card.

They asked us to get them a quote from Vistaprint’, as they believed they offered competitive prices, so we did that, and also provide a quote using our print supplier.

This was the comparison…



10,000 Postcards – 280gsm   |    £383.48 +VAT (plus Uploaded logo/photo/design £2.24) (plus 280 g/m2 Recycled Matt Paper £5.99)  TOTAL = £391.23 +VAT

Vistaprint delivery…see below. (their CHEAPEST delivery is £32.17 +VAT…and takes 21 days!!!)

1. Choose a Delivery Time**All Prices shown exclude applicable VAT

 Slow: 21 Days – £32.17 

 Standard: 14 Days – £34.89 

 Priority: 7 Days – £41.64 

 Rush+: 3 Business Days (with order tracking) – £48.02 

 Express*: 2 Business Days – £60.03 

so a total of  £508.65


Our quote..

10,000 Postcards – 350gsm semi glossy   |    £197.25 +VAT

Delivery is free of charge. 6 – 8 days from confirmation of order

(and ours is on a superior card…!)

….we are awaiting the clients decision……